Everybody wants to invest in cryptocurrency and some of you might wonder what it feels like to be on the other side. What it feels like when you stay at home, watching the news, and suddenly an idea pops into your mind: “I want to develop a new cryptocurrency…”.

Well, today is your lucky day…we’ll tell you about our experience and how it really feels.

In 2019, our founders thought “let’s do something great…but what?”, as they have a background in anything, but cryptocurrencies-only investing. So, this is the beginning of a great story to tell our children.

They decided to start developing the project Genius, with its own coin, named GeniuX. As they were newbies, they needed people with great experience in this field, so they started different collaborations with people from all over the world, as advisors for the project.

We would like to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a startup, by describing them directly with examples regarding our own project.

Agility. Startups are smaller and less structured

Even if it may seem like it’s a disadvantage, it is not. Why you may ask…It’s because you shape all your work, all your plans in a small group of people, that not just work for you, but they come up with ideas. It is like you have your own brainstorming mind in one office.

Efficiency. Established companies have high administrative overheads

Even if we are a startup, we want to be efficient when talking about money. Because we need people and tools that can help us be efficient, without spending too much on the left or right.

Team Culture. Employees of large corporations get attracted by prestige and big salaries

As we have people working with us from all over the world, we are thankful for them as they understand that in a startup we grow together and receive great feedback from our teammates.


This one is awesome. We can shape our business just how we want it to be, as it’s the beginning of a beautiful story. The Crypto world is not sleeping, so we want to make the right things, right from the beginning, as the business takes over our personalities.


We can open up a world of possibilities, from the workspace — we can do it from home or not- to the kind of projects we optimize with crypto in the world nowadays. We can combine, as we already do, cryptocurrency with real assets that we tokenize.


As we said, this world doesn’t sleep, so we need to be on all the time, but that doesn’t mean we need to be at the office 24/7. Some tasks can easily be done by phone (as we live in the era where we have a computer in our pockets) and still be flexible. It’s the real deal that you can be at the beach sipping on your mimosa and keep engaging with your community online, via a good Internet connection.


We are a young team at heart, so fun is part of our daily office hours. We love to have a great time, do pranks, or listen to blasting music all day as we work.

We think it’s fair to say that there are disadvantages as well, but we always focus on the positive and top priorities, so disadvantages tend to work themselves out eventually.

Ignoring a Hunch.

We sometimes get too caught up in our work and sometimes get too tired, so we tend to ignore our hunch, without realizing it might have been the best idea ever. But that’s ok, we know that while we live, we learn so we try to take notes every time we feel it.

Only Relying on Your Intuition

We cannot say this is one of our mistakes because we love to research anything. So, before we speak and make a move, we research it and put it in a balance, to make the best decision.

Listening to Outsiders Too Much

Even if people tell us we’re not going to make it, we say, “Watch us!” and move on. In everything from your life, not just a business, you need to listen to yourself and just go forward, without looking back.

Underestimating Competitors

Nobody is less than us. We take our competitors very seriously and treat them as they were Axis and Allies in World War II. Well, not really at that level, but we like to be a step forward when it comes to our business of anticipating and addressing customers’ needs.

These are some usual mistakes we find in a newly founded business, but no one was born taught, so we just do it, as a famous commercial says. Even if we make a mistake once, we are sure we won’t make it twice, because then it will be a choice, not a mistake.

As we were writing this article, we found ourselves thinking about the first day when Genius started. We can say we came across a lot of new and interesting information and in 2 years and a half, we didn’t let anything stop us. We love to be here, a great big GENIUS family, and build a great community around us. It’s keeping us alive.

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