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3 min readAug 17, 2022


Today we want to talk about our latest partnership, staring AVENTA. This partnership means a lot for us, as we can bring real assets into the digital world without worries.

Who is AVENTA?

AVENTA AG is a listed Styrian company based in the provincial capital of Graz. Their primary area of interest is on developing and implementing projects for affordable residential, retirement, and investment properties with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

To make sure that all the properties will be a real success, they evaluate the location and regional development before purchasing parcels of land to execute new projects. They make sure that today’s value assures future growth potential through their thorough environmental study. The independent, internal, and self-contained value chain is what makes AVENTA AG unique. The entire organization, from planning and building to financing and sales, collaborates closely and in real-time, and each department’s significant knowledge and experience help to ensure that projects are successfully completed.

Through years of collaboration and collaboration with partners who share their values, they forge synergies that ensure a high degree of flexibility in relation to customers’ wants and needs, as well as a high degree of profitability for investors and investors. These advantages help them gain a competitive edge and successfully position their company on the market.

Speaking about the market, an interesting detail about them is that they are listed on the stock market. How awesome does this sound? By being listed on the stock market they gain more and more visibility from the really interested investors that are in the world.

You can check them right here, where you will find their projects, but also all the reports from their investors and real, honest reviews about AVENTA.

Who is Genius Assets?

For those of you that have just arrived here, we want to tell you some things about us too.

Genius Assets was first launched in 2021 and it held the Token Generation Event on June 18th, 2022, with the first real estate Fractional Ownership Project set to launch by the end of the year.

The ecosystem is underpinned by GeniuX, a utility token based on the Polygon standard. It will be used to support the tokenization of real-world assets, with a wide range of sectors covered including real estate, transportation, sports, and arts.

Digital assets marketplace Genius Assets is a new project allowing decentralized investments in non-crypto assets. Through tokenization, Genius Assets will make it possible for ecosystem participants to hold digital shares in properties and other assets via fractional ownership and receive a corresponding percentage of the income those assets generate.

The aim of the project is to make the token economy a viable option for long-term holders seeking regular revenue. While many of the investment opportunities available via the GeniuX token will be traditional, the possibility of participating in ICOs and NFT releases means the digital assets space will not be overlooked.

Now, that we talked about both of us and also, we reminded about the Fractional Ownership Project, you might wonder what this partnership really is about.

It’s simple. We are going to help each other by bringing the real assets, more exactly, the real estate properties into the digital world. By using blockchain technology, we are helping AVENTA sell their real estate project, by tokenizing them and presenting them to the investors.

Tokenization? Why ? They have investors that can buy their properties…

That is right, but why let only the investors that are already at a higher level have the possibility to invest in real estate and not bring the real estate projects, to everyone? By using a smaller amount of $$ (or directly $IUX), people will be able to own a part of the project. And not only owning a part of the building is the great part, but it comes with benefits: earning rewards quarterly or annually from the rent of the property.

Who does that? We sure do! And we cannot be more enthusiastic than we are right now. This partnership is THE ONE that opens the door between IMPOSSIBLE and POSSIBLE.

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