Airbnb and crypto enthusiasts

As we live more and more in a cryptocurrency world, we can say that you can purchase almost everything with crypto. And that is not a bad thing, since some people look at crypto as non-existent money. From art to hotels, we can see that people are more enthusiastic about paying in crypto, as they have a passive income, rather than paying with money.

Today we will talk about how Airbnb embraced this payment method and how the sales have gone up.

Airbnb is an American company, based in San Francisco, California, that operates an online marketplace for lodging, primarily homestays for vacation rentals, and tourism activities, available through their website or mobile app.

Brian Checky, the CEO of Airbnb, stated that the most requested feature in 2022 is paying for bookings in cryptocurrency. Last weekend, he even tweeted “If Airbnb could launch anything in 2022, what would it be?”. He received over 4.000 answers and chose the top six suggestions on his Twitter, 2 days later.

He said that the first on the list is, obviously, crypto payments, followed by clear pricing displays, guest loyalty programs, updated cleaning fees, more long-term stays, and discounts, and very important from our point of view, better customer service. And as we look over them, we can say that they are working on most that were stated.

As some countries block international payments, makes some people are reluctant on digital assets. But, since the payments volume was worth almost $366 billion since 2013, with only the traditional payment methods, we can say it might be a great deal to use crypto as well. And besides that, Airbnb will join the rank of Tesla and AMC, regarding the acceptance of crypto payments.

Checky even stated last year that an obstacle to a bigger success for the company is indeed the cryptocurrency, on top of other aspects, mentioned above. But don’t worry, as is expected, it won’t take long until this payment will be introduced in some countries and more people (tourists) will enjoy their crypto-paid vacations when they want.

As we talked about the crypto universe in most of our articles, we can say that more and more people are getting into this and that is a good thing. More users mean that a lot more companies, regarding their working field, will start to accept crypto payments, making it more affordable for everyone.

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