AMA RECAP with Matic News

  • you can choose to stake it, in our great and inhouse made STAKING PROGRAM, and earn more IUX over time
  • you can BUY it and use it later in different projects on the platform
  • GotBit Incubator & AMM/MM Manager
  • Coinzilla Marketing Banner & Crypto Ads
  • CoinMarketCal Business Partner
  • Blockman PR Agency and Copyrighter
  • Karinca Traders — Turkey Team of Traders
  • Chainlink Labs (as we want to develop the CCIP technology)
  • Polygon Studios (open disscutions for the NFT tokenization)
  • Coin Liquid Solutions for Social Media Marketing
  • Revain Solutions for Platform Reviews & Authors (
  • KryptoLauncher for PR expansion
  • Aventa -> real estate projects (as I said earlier)!



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Genius Assets

Genius Assets


Genius Assets is the asset investment platform of the future where everyone can easily access different projects, from various categories.