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Recently we had an AMA in collaboration with Matic News, talking about our project, the Marketplace, and $IUX.

A lot has been going on since the last AMA in June and we wanted to share the news with a great community.

Let’s skip the intro and dive right in!

MaticNews: How many members currently work on ?
GeniusAssets: My name is Flavius-Sebastian Cocora (I always say my name, so you understand we as team are real people, not hiding)!
In my last 14 years of online businesses I managed to see all kinds of projects and ideas and gathered a lot of experience in this world and a lot of business relationships.
I had a break in 2016–2018 and conducted some offline businesses. The last 3 years I got involved in company auctions and then (re)entered in the crypto world.

My expertise is in the selling industry, marketing and branding, crypto projects, learning and teaching. Had several crypto projects in core team or executive as a marketing head, advisor, consultant or coordinator.

Right now I am leading the Marketing Department as CMO & Crypto Expert Genius Assets, the place of assets tokenization!
Our Core team is made of 5 hardworking people, but we also have a lot of partners and advisors.

You can find the full team by getting to the platform
By the way don’t forget to join us

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MaticNews: Out of curiosity, why did you choose this name? Is there any background story?
GeniusAssets: Why Genius? Well, this is interesting…We started from the main idea that each one of us can be a GENIUS himself and can make all the dreams come true. You just need to find your inside Genius and let it out for a higher purpose. Assets you can imagine from what it came from, but you don’t know the real reason. We wanted to combine the digital and real-world assets in a single marketplace, accessible for everyone, through GeniuX, which X marks the spot for a lifetime treasure.

MaticNews: On which chains is Genius Assets currently available and do you have any plans to expand to new ones?
GeniusAssets: Currently anyone can find the $IUX on Polygon Chain , since it’s very accesible for everyone. Low fees, fast transactions and a really good notoriety among crypto enthusiasts.

Maybe in the future we will think of some new chains, but for now we are so happy with MATIC NETWORK! It rullz and it crushed in this bearmarket!

MaticNews: Please give us a brief introduction on Genuis Assets!
GeniusAssets: Genius Assets it’s all about tokenization/fragmentation of the real world assets into the digital realm; enabling the opportunity to buy real world assets at a fraction, creating REAL VALUE and generating PASSIVE INCOME through e cutting edge platform (custom made by us)!
We will officially launch the marketplace in October-November in Abu Dhabi as live event aaaand (sneak peak), we will have the first asset ready into the marketplace.

MaticNews: What are the problems that your tokenization will solve?
GeniusAssets: By using blockchain technology we found the perfect infrastructure for easier and faster investments. Real estate investments were always an evergreen, which made them very difficult to access for many people that desired to invest. Now, Genius Assets, can make it all happen. People don’t have to come with a big volume of investment in order to create their passive income through our Marketplace.
How does it work with Genuis Assets? I think it’s a very unique model!

First of all, IUX Token is an UTILITY TOKEN. Meaning that you can aquire it and use it in exchange for something else.
You can purchase it live now on Quickswap or Bitmart and you have a lot of possibilities:

  • you can make a small profit by BUYing it NOW and sell it later
  • you can choose to stake it, in our great and inhouse made STAKING PROGRAM, and earn more IUX over time
  • you can BUY it and use it later in different projects on the platform

But by having this huge utility of the token into the tokenization part, it’s like we connect the dots you know. And as I said we already have a partnership, we will probably talk later about it, that is huge in Austria, a full, real busienss company, listed on stocks, that will provide us the assets and in the upcoming months we will tokenize assets of a value of more then 100M$
Now thing about it, if the utility token is the main entrance, the only way you can participate and create your portfolio of assets (through our Marketplace), what will happen with the token?
And obviously that assets will generate dividends for you so here you have the full circle of the ecosystem!

MaticNews: Starting from your core, what are the use cases of your native token IUX?
GeniusAssets: Again, we need to understand that we are creating an incredible connection between real world assets and the crypto world using blockchain, by tokenization (FOP, check whitepaper for that), through the cutting edge marketplace that we build… So you have:

⚡️Platform for real-estate trading, making it cheaper to buy/sell real estate or to raise capital.

⚡️Unique Fractional ownership solutions integrated into the platform.

⚡️Marketplace which is mobile and desktop compatible, and includes every participant of the deal.

⚡️A turn-key payment solution on the marketplace powered by their native token $IUX.

And many more… Let you discover some by your own! #DYOR always!

MaticNews: Would you like to add anything more on your product overview?
GeniusAssets: Simple -> Building the biggest marketplace, Genius connects real assets and the crypto world using blockchain technology. Starting with real estate assets (Genius Estate) that have a good yield, and can be invested in using our own token, IUX, it will develop in art, sports, highways and many more fields.
MaticNews: Out of curiosity, do you have in plan to launch any real estate fractional ownership project in 2022?
GeniusAssets: Here is a small sneak peek to our Genius Tower that is coming this year.

It will be built in Austria and will generate rewards out of Rents.

MaticNews: Let’s talk about your tokenomics! What is yours and why did you choose it?
GeniusAssets: Best to check the Tokenomics down the link, as it is impossible to explain everything in one message.

MaticNews: Are there any fees while using your platform?
GeniusAssets: As we do not sell the $IUX on the platform anymore, we are not having any fees right now. But in the future, with the FOP, we will see what it will be, as we want it to be easier and accessible for users! (FOP = Fragmented/Fractionalized/Tokenized Ownership Project/Protocol/Program)

MaticNews: Besides this, how is revenue being generated for the project itself that could be used on future development?
GeniusAssets: Of course, by selling the $IUX tokens to the whole world, we are going to raise capital for future plans, but also from the upcoming Fractional Ownership Project. We are adding value to Genius Assets Marketplace, by raising capital from the main product, at the actual moment and from the DeFi strategies that are currently working and ongoing!

MaticNews: Talking about the security side, the clichè question that we ask in all AMAs: how safe is Genuis Assets? Are there any audits done?
GeniusAssets: Regarding our platform we use cutting edge technology (REACT 5, custom coded platform for us) and we are in progress with stress testing and cyber security!
And also, our support, Hacken, did our audit for the SMART CONTRACT, and we had a result of SC audit: 9.90/10.00, which is really good! You can check the full audit here:
By the way we are on CMC & CG tracking and other major trackers and obviously more to come + Bitmart CEX!

MaticNews: What are your current partners and what are your plans to attract more users to your platform?
GeniusAssets: The partnerships that we currently have are the following👇🏻

  • ICODA Agency & Platform Audit (also helping us with SEO and some VCs)
  • GotBit Incubator & AMM/MM Manager
  • Coinzilla Marketing Banner & Crypto Ads
  • CoinMarketCal Business Partner
  • Blockman PR Agency and Copyrighter
  • Karinca Traders — Turkey Team of Traders
  • Chainlink Labs (as we want to develop the CCIP technology)
  • Polygon Studios (open disscutions for the NFT tokenization)
  • Coin Liquid Solutions for Social Media Marketing
  • Revain Solutions for Platform Reviews & Authors (
  • KryptoLauncher for PR expansion
  • Aventa -> real estate projects (as I said earlier)!

More on the platform:

MaticNews: And the last question will regarding your opinion: What do you think about the current market moment ?
GeniusAssets: The best moment to develop!
The best moment to launch something!
The best moment to invest!

When there is blood on the streets, only then I use my cash to clean them all.

MaticNews: Before opening the chat, would you like to add something more?
GeniusAssets: Maybe just that there is a HUGE contest in place via GLEAM, we basically give thousands of dollars for things that you anyway do (like, share, comment, subscribe, etc) 👇

It was a great AMA, our CMO, Flaviu, had a great time answering these awesome questions and engaging with their community! So, as the last response says, don’t forget to subscribe to our Telegram Channel.



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