Crypto world and the year 2022

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2 min readJan 21, 2022


Today we want to talk a little bit about the crypto market, and how we’ve been in a “market correction” over the past few months.

The first weeks of 2022 haven’t been too kind for investors, as Bitcoin lost almost 11% of its value in a few days and ended up being a little over $43,000.00 these days being down almost 40% from its high last fall.

Some analysts watched crypto closely and stated that the Federal Reserve’s hint at raising interests over crypto, caused many investors to sell their Bitcoin holdings and turn to some much safer investments. Many investors have turned up to Ethereum and Ripple, even though they went down with 13.5% and 9%, in the past weeks.

As the crypto market is ultra-volatile, many people expect that the big strikes will continue in 2022.

As Ryan Firth, a financial planner within Mercer Street Financial told CBS MoneyWatch that these ups and downs are “part of the game”, he completed his statement that people need to hold on tight and go with their eyes open, as we could see 80% drops in a matter of a few months.

2021 was a very good year for investors, as Bitcoin touched its top price at $69,000 in November, while Ethereum scored a record high of $4,404 in October. As a reward for this high end, a lot of retailers began to accept their payment in cryptocurrency, while athletes and politicians were compensated not only in monetary value but in crypto as well. And if these aren’t already many good newsies, Wall Street has created an exchange-trading fund (ETF) around the crypto future.

Blockchain analytics firm, Arcane research, has predicted that we will see more crypto companies going public in 2022 than we’ve seen in 2021, more than half of them having estimates of $5 billion. However, they said that we’ll also see more crypto ETFs in this world.

Although the crypto investments are not for the weak, as some days you will see big gains, you need to be prepared for sudden drops, sometimes.

As we said earlier there are some investors that got a fear from the last drop of crypto, but there are more that have faith over their decisions and believe that their investments will “rise” like the sun every morning.

In conclusion, as we are a crypto company, we can say that if you don’t risk it, you won’t see it. So read, learn, and take your intuition to the next level when talking about crypto investments.



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