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Go to Quickswap and now click on “FARM

Once you are here, click on the “STAKED ONLY” button to activate.

Click on the USDC/IUX pair, as it will extend that section.

Click on CLAIM, to claim your rewards from the pair USDC/IUX. (claim dQUICK)

Now a Metamask window will open to confirm the claim.

Click on Confirm. (MATIC will be used as a fee for the transaction)

!!ADVICE: don’t claim your rewards as fast as you make (for example-0.012 dQUICK); let them add

Now, once the transaction is confirmed, the rewards (dQUICK) are transferred to your Metamask wallet.

To check, click on the Metamask extension to see your dQUICK.

*if you do not have the dQUICK imported into your Metamask Wallet, read more

1.Press on Import Tokens.

2. Copy the dQUICK Smart Contract address:


On Token Symbol write:


On Token Decimal write:


3. Press IMPORT

If you want to see how much value is your reward, go to Coingecko and check the value of dQUICK in USD or other currency (the price is volatile, it depends on when you are checking the value).


On Quickswap, fo to Dragon’s Lair.

See the IUX or search for it. Click on it.

You will see that you don’t have QUICK NEW now.

On the left side of the page, you will see how much dQUICK means in QUICK token.

Now, you must click on the “UNSTAKE” button. The value of your dQUICK will be shown. (in the picture is MAX)

A Metamask pop-up will appear to confirm the transaction (MATIC is necessary for it)

Click on “Confirm”.

Now you will see that you don’t have QUICK NEW.

For that, go to the “SWAP” page.

On “FROM”, search for QUICK(OLD), and for “TO” search for QUICK (NEW)

Click on MAX, and it will select how many QUICK you have. (If you select a higher slippage, the fee could be higher; WE RECOMMEND TO SELECT 0.1%)

Now click on “SWAP” and confirm it.

Another pop-up will appear, to confirm the transaction.

Also, a Metamask window will appear, to confirm it from the wallet.

Now the transaction is submitted, and you need to wait for it to be finalized (to do the SWAP).

Once is finalized, go to Dragon’s Lair.

See the IUX or search for it and Click on it

Now you will see that you have QUICK NEW.

Click on the “STAKE” button.

Select how many Quick you want to stake (we used MAX).

Click on “STAKE”. A Metamask window will appear to confirm the operation.

Now, the deposit of the QUICK is finally staked.

On the Farm, you will see that you don’t have QUICK anymore, but you have the value you staked.

Also, you can see how much IUX you have earned, plus the time remaining shown for the Dragon’s Lair; once It’s stopped, you can harvest your rewards.

If you want to claim your earned IUX, you need to click on CLAIM.

!! To produce IUX, you need to FARM your pair USDC/IUX , as it has a high APY, that is volatile every day.

Happy harvesting! We are waiting for your feedback on our Telegram Group and also, and we would appreciate it if you would subscribe to our Telegram Channel.



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