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2 min readFeb 13, 2023

What is a LiquidityPool?

A group of tokens or digital assets that are secured in a smart contract and serve as crucial liquidity for decentralized exchanges is referred to by this name.

What is APR?

The yield you obtain by adding liquidity to a pool is known as the pool APR. For all trades on the related pair (or triple for the stablecoin pool), you receive 80% of the pool fee in proportion to your pool share. When you withdraw your liquidity, you can claim fees that have been put to the pool and are accruing in real time.

What determines the APR in a Liquidity Pool?

The following variables affect a pool’s APR: Popularity of pools Many investors will use a liquidity pool to exchange between its token-pair if it, for instance, contains a well-liked trading pair. As a result, trading costs are paid at a higher rate, which raises the APR for liquidity providers.

Genius Assets & Liquidity Pools

A blockchain-based platform for mining liquidity, Genius Assets Marketplace has its own token, the $IUX Genius Token, which may be used to facilitate specific future transactions within the Genius Ecosystem.

Now, you may explore Real Decentralized Finance by taking part in numerous Genius Pools.

You can enter the Genius Pools Program to create your passive rewards and put an end to temporary loses and hassles associated with traditional pools and farming schemes.

Genius Pools provide countless opportunities for growth through the expansion of numerous fields. The real value locked in $IUX Token is strengthening the Genius Ecosystem as its value rises. The Genius Pools produce rewards in the native token $IUX, which you may use for a wide range of applications, and its corresponding stablecoin, such as USDC.

Soon, the X-GeniePool, the first Liquidity Pool of Genius Assets will be launched in a V2 form, with a dynamic APR, that is suitable for everyone. At the moment, the APR is targeted by you within 3 packages of different APR, Locking and Rewards Harvesting.

We are waiting for you to check our website on genius-assets.com and read more information about the new mechanism of the platform and pools. The Whitepaper has all the information needed to research, but if you are eager to learn more, join our Telegram Group and Channel.

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