How to Defy lack of liquidity in finance using DeFi

DeFi has gained real-world attention from the beginning. And with this attention, experts had predicted that some cryptocurrencies in DeFI will have the same rate of adoption in the internet sphere. Yet, DeFi is still an unknown field for many people that are learning the crypto world so we will try to explain it as simply as possible before we talk more.

What is DeFi?

DeFi is the short term for “decentralized finance” which stands for all the financial services with simple access that does not require intermediaries’ institutions (banks, brokers, and so on). It’s a bank without an actual bank. It includes exchange currencies, automated payments, transfers, trading, staking, or access to loans.

But the particularity of DeFi is that it is accessible to anyone, everywhere, and it’s in the hands of those who trade- meaning that it is not focused on the hands of someone specific. And to this day, it developed in such a manner, that it sustains over 4000 different cryptocurrencies.

While it all sounds great so far, it still needs to evolve, as many superficial technologies are slipping in the DeFi world, blocking the purpose of the technology: bring solutions to world financing problems.

And how does DeFI end real-world problems?

Well, it’s simple. One problem in this industry is that the access to liquid capital markets was limited to large companies and the smaller businesses were stopped by requiring guarantees, mortgages, or bank loans. So, this is how tokenization was brought in our plain sight.

A real-life asset is tokenized and in this simple way, investors can finance real-world assets without the help of banks or other entities. Services like this one are the FUTURE. Because you may want to enter the investment world, but you do not have the monetary value for big projects. Now you can invest in a lot of different projects and create a unique portfolio with what you have.

What can be tokenized?

There are a lot of assets that can be tokenized, such as real estate properties, that allow fractional ownership, commodities, private equity shares, from across the world, or physical goods, such as art, luxury beverages, highways, sports, and so on.

How do we help, too?

Our Project is based on the DeFI service, which allows everyone to invest and participate in different projects that are available on the Marketplace. We have started with the ICO, GeniuX Token, and will continue with real estate projects that are tokenized (STO) to grow a great Marketplace affordable to anyone.

We can state that the future is now, in the moment of speaking since these investment services are becoming more and more affordable for people all around the globe and facilitate education regarding financial problems. In this way, people can create a passive income for themselves that can bring them great benefits.

We also love to educate people in our community, with everyday talk times on our Telegram group and grow together considering the crypto world and tokenized assets.

Genius Assets is the asset investment platform of the future where everyone can easily access different projects, from various categories.