How to exchange tokens in MetaMask

1. Go to the MetaMask wallet

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3 min readMar 22, 2023

Open your wallet extension for Metamask.

After entering your password, click Unlock.

2. Click Swap

You can view the home page of the MetaMask wallet following a successful login.

You can see Purchase, Send, and Swap directly beneath your wallet balance.

Click Swap.

3. Select the token

Here, you can see two fields: the first one is Swap from and the second one is Swap to.

In the Swap from field, select the token that you want to swap and enter the amount.

In our case USDC.

In the Swap to field, select the token that you want to swap for.

In our case USDT.

4. Adjust the Advanced Options.

The custom slippage percentage you want to use must then be chosen or typed in the Slippage Tolerance area.

Slippage occurs when the price changes between the order confirmation and execution. If your maximum slippage percentage restriction is exceeded, the Slippage Tolerance option will cancel the swap order.

Therefore, establishing a slippage percentage is crucial. You can choose from the offered options or choose Custom and enter your desired percentage, but we recommend setting the slippage rate at 1%.

5. Click Review Swap

After entering swap token details and setting the slippage percentage, you can click Review Swap.

Once you hit the Review Swap button, MetaMask will start to obtain quotes among its decentralized exchange collectors and individual DEXs.

After a second, it will show you the best quote along with the gas fee.

Note that the quotes include a MetaMask fee- ALWAYS have MATIC in your wallet for transactions.

You can also see the other quotes if you want. But check it fast. Because MetaMask will fetch a new quote every 40 seconds.

6. Swap

If everything looks contented, click on Swap, and wait until the transaction completes.

That’s it, you’ve transferred your token successfully to the desired token/coin.

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