How to invest in the Genius Assets platform

As a lot of people are registered on our platform in the past few weeks, we thought it would be a good idea to write a short tutorial about how you can invest in the Genius Assets platform.

We will attach pictures, as they can be easier to follow when needed.

Step 1

Login in to your account

Step 2

Go to Dashboard on the left side of the menu

Step 3

Press “View Project Details” on the GeniuX ICO project

Step 4

Select the “Payment Method” you would like to use (USDT/ BUSD/ USDC) — * be aware of the network you choose

Step 5

Introduce the amount (USDT/BUSD/USDC, depending on which Payment Method you’ve selected) you want to invest in the “Enter Investment Amount”

Step 6

Click on Invest Now button

Step 7

Read and sign the contract by clicking on “I agree with the contract”

Step 8

On the Transaction Details page, you will find the unique wallet address generated for your order (left side).

Copy it, and send the EXACT amount of USDT/BUSD/USDC (depending on the payment method you choose in Step 4) for that transaction.

! In case you haven’t transferred the exact amount, there is one use case:

a) if the transferred amount is less, you are able to sign a new contract (SAFT) OR to transfer the difference in the wallet;

Keep in mind, if the transferred amount in the wallet is less than the minimum investment (150USDT), you MUST transfer the difference.

In this case, the message “PAYMENT INCOMPLETE” will appear on the platform.

Step 9

Once the USDT/BUSD/USDC has arrived in that unique address the transaction will change its status from “Waiting Payment” to “Finalized”

This is all! We hope it helps you in the process of investing in our platform!

Also, you can find this tutorial in a video format, here or on our YouTube Channel.

If you need more information about our platform, you can always contact us via email at

Genius Assets is the asset investment platform of the future where everyone can easily access different projects, from various categories.