How to Release Stuck Transactions in MetaMask

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2 min readMar 24, 2023

Obtain your transaction ID first by copying it to your clipboard for the stalled transaction. This can come in helpful later on when you need to utilize the block explorer to look up the specifics of your transaction.

  1. Open the activity session in your MetaMask wallet. A list of your most recent transactions will be available. Click anywhere inside the transaction field with your mouse to initiate a left click when you locate the one that is stuck.

2. A window displaying transactional information will open. The transaction ID will be copied to your clipboard when you click the button below.

My transaction is stuck: why?

You can skip ahead to the “Fixing Stuck Transactions” section if you believe you know why your transaction became stuck. You might not be aware of the useful information in this section, though. There are numerous reasons why a transaction could become “stuck.” It might be caused by low gas prices, network congestion, running out of gas, or MetaMask software issues.

Low gas price

Low gas prices are by far the most frequent cause of transactions becoming stuck or taking longer than usual.

Blockchains charge gas fees to execute transactions and prioritize them using a bidding system based on gas prices. Increase the price of petrol with your transaction? Your transaction will move ahead in the queue, which will make it complete more quickly than everyone else’s.

If network activity has grown since you utilized the gas price two hours ago when it wasn’t crowded, it might not be enough now. Other people may now be paying a higher gas price because of the bidding system, and the network will give those users’ transactions priority over yours.

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