How to solve the issue of approving the IUX/USDT in TrustWallet

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2 min readMay 19, 2023

Today we will talk about how to overcome the course of BUY IUX and how to make this flow easier and safer by customizing gas settings.


While TrustWallet asks to APPROVE the IUX/USDT, click on the Gear button in the upper right corner.


Click on “Advanced”.


Click on Save. If it doesn’t work, try again and use this method instead:

For the following fields, type again a DOUBLE amount of what is already shown.

Gas Limit

Miner Tip (Gwei)

Max Fee (Gwei)

A suggestion would be, that if you type a value for Current Base Fee, type the same amount the others.

After entering the new values, click on SAVE. And that’s it.

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