IUX Welcome Party- 109,000 IUX Prize Pool!

1. IUX Welcome Bonus — 15,000 IUX Giveaway!

During the campaign period, the first 1000 new users who register on BitMart through an exclusive link and pass personal KYC can get 15 IUX each.

2. Learn to Earn — 30,000 IUX to Lucky Learners!

1000 random lucky users who complete the following tasks will receive 30 IUX each.

3. Buy & Earn — 27,000 IUX Giveaway!

The first 600 users who buy greater than or equal to 500 IUX will be eligible to receive 45 IUX each.

  • 2nd: 10,000 IUX
  • 3rd: 5,000 IUX
  • 4th-10th: 1,000 IUX each



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