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What is P2B?

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4 min readOct 12, 2022

P2B is a multi-cryptocurrency exchange platform with its headquarters in Lithuania. On the site, customers have the option to trade (buy/sell) cryptocurrencies. The main currencies accepted by the Exchange are BTC, ETH, and USD. Trading costs are waived, and any business app’s API can be listed for free.

In 2018, the P2B cryptocurrency trading platform was established. P2B Exchange is a reliable partner for bitcoin projects as well as a platform for trading cryptocurrencies. Their Crypto Startup Partner initiative offers trading consulting and aids in the expansion of our companies’ communities, liquidity, and growth plans.

P2B conducts token sales for potential digital assets, making it simple for users to invest in new money. Additionally, users have access to services like referral program games, regular gamification events like airdrops, trading tournaments, and earning deposit programs.

According to CER rating, the site is ranked as the 12th most Trust Core secure crypto exchange in the world and complies with OWASP TOP 10 security requirements.

How does it work?

P2B makes use of the fast processing speed, growing to 1,000,000 TCP connections and handling up to 10,000 trades per second. They use AI-powered technologies in our KYC identity verification process to expedite the authentication procedure. For users, live help is a crucial perk.

But what is Genius Assets doing on P2B?

Well, p2pb2b.com is the IDO where we will launch $IUX with a special token price.

But that is not all. After the first day of the IDO, the Pre-Sale Phase is LIVE and you can buy the $IUX, at a great and special price, for just $0.09, for a limited period.

All you must do to create your p2pb2b.com account is add funds $USDC & $MATIC (needed to sign polygon transactions) and be ready to get your $IUX at a special listing price.

How to Participate in IDO Launchpad on the P2B Exchange?

IDO on centralized exchanges is a novel form of fund-raising that aids in promoting cryptocurrency projects, expanding their communities, and attracting new investors.

Additionally, it’s a brand-new chance for customers to invest in DEX projects or NFT on CEX without having to register or through KYC verification. You will learn how to participate in the crypto IDO Launchpad on the P2B IDO platform from this guide.

1. Start by visiting the IDO website — $IUX Token.

2. By clicking the up-right button, you can connect the wallet.

In case an IDO Launchpad requires the Whitelist, you should:

  1. Apply for the Whitelist with a click on the button.

2. Complete all tasks on the page.

When the Whitelist is done, your wallet gets “Whitelisted” status. It means that you can buy some amount of tokens. Also, you receive a notification with the details by email.

Your wallet is given the status of “Whitelisted” once the Whitelist is complete.

It means you can purchase a certain number of tokens. Additionally, you get an email notification with the information.

How does that help you?

As Genius Assets Marketplace is a platform where you can diversify your investment portfolio, we didn’t mean only diversifying your DeFi portfolio. Since the ecosystem is underpinned by GeniuX Token, you will be able to diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio as well. You’ve started with QUICK (on the launch of Quickswap), and now you will be able to add more rewards.

Keep in mind that IDO requirements have a time limit on the sale period. The token purchase amount is also controlled by each project separately.

Only on a certain claim date are the tokens available for claim. Select the number of tokens you want to claim, then click the “Claim” button. You’ll see tokens in your wallet that you can use independently.

Stay tuned, we will update this article with new technical information and tutorials that will be available on our Medium and YouTube accounts, just for you.

Until then, don’t forget to subscribe to our Telegram Announcement Channel and our Official Telegram Group, where we post every day new details regarding the project.



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