Passive income- Opportunities come and go

Today we are going to talk a little bit about real estate and passive income, but also about cryptocurrencies and how can you use them to your advantage.

So, everybody read the famous book entitled “Rich Dad, Poor dad”, by Robert Kiyosaki and since then they are trying to change their lives with small steps. Since we are in this crypto world, but also in the STOs, where you can invest in real estate assets, we wanted to talk a bit about this man.

Who is Robert Kiyosaki?

He is the best-selling author of the book mentioned above, and a businessman. He is the founder of Rich Global LLC, a financial education company that offers support through books and videos. But Kiyosaki didn’t write just “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, as he has 25 more books written and sold more than 32 million copies all over the world.

Diversifying your investments

Even though the book itself is about real estate investing and creating a source of passive income, he invested in cryptocurrency as well. He stated in June this year that the biggest crash in history in the market is coming. But that didn’t backfire on him. He also stated the best time to get rich is during a crash and advised his followers to get more gold, silver, and Bitcoin while they can.

Nonetheless, he says that bitcoin is a great investment, as he said, “With dollar dropping, bitcoin and silver are the best investments.”

Why crypto?

Last month, Kiyosaki tweeted on his account the following “Hooray. Bitcoin rising above $60,000. Future very bright. Celebrate yet be cautious. I am waiting for a pullback before investing more.” But why crypto? This last statement is a continuous state of mind that came after in August, he said that the primary reason he invested in crypto is “because I do not trust our leaders, the Fed, Treasury, nor the stock market.”

How can we take the lead?

While we fought and designed a new Marketplace where one of our projects is an ICO, we can say we agree with him. The most common struggle that people have nowadays is that they do not know how to create a passive income, or they do not have the monetary value to start with it. That is why we now have a Private Sale of the ICO on our platform so that people who invest can use them in the future. But that is not all, as we have projects with digital assets as well, such as real estate.

But how does this help people, if they do not have a big amount of money for disposal? Easy. We use the STO ideology, where the value of the property is tokenized, and you can invest in more than one project, within a small value within investments.

Register now on our platform and get right in the business! Invest in ICO and stay tuned for the first STO project, in real estate, but also earn with our Affiliate Program. Great things are coming!

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