Pending Transactions on QuickSwap and Polygon and How to Overcome Them

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Network congestion is at an all-time high as consumers continue to swarm to Polygon and QuickSwap. This suggests that a lot of transactions remain in the pending state. This blog post will define pending transactions, explain how to complete them, and provide tips on preventing them.

Understanding Pending Transactions on Polygon and QuickSwap

When a transaction is filed, it could occasionally remain in the pending state. Even worse, as soon as you have one pending transaction, all of your upcoming transactions will get backed up in a queue. Crypto limbo is not enjoyable, and it is also not random.

There is a gas cost for each transaction. The amount of gas multiplied by GWEI (Cheapest Gas Price) equals the gas limit or gas fee. The gas fee is paid in MATIC tokens and the cost was set by the Polygon foundation at 30 GWEI, although other nodes may have different gas costs depending on the preferences of the node owner. As a result, gas prices fluctuate according to supply and demand in a manner similar to an auction. Lesser GWEI transactions are processed with lower priority.

Your wallet app predicts your gas prices when you attempt to make a transaction and typically leaves you with roughly 30 GWEI, which usually works. Your transaction will remain in a pending state until a node is located that will accept it if there are no accessible nodes at the GWEI specified. This explains why a transaction may take 10 seconds sometimes and 10 minutes or longer other times.

The transaction might never be complete if GWEI is set too low (say, 10 or 20). GWEI is more likely to be picked up earlier if it is set higher. I frequently have the ability to send 35 GWEI right away.

Pushing through Pending Transactions

Now that you are familiar with both Polygon and QuickSwap, it will be easier to discuss how to push through pending transactions on those two platforms. If you have a pending transaction, all it takes to resolve the situation is to update it with a higher GWEI.

Let’s look at two methods for doing this. You can also complete the transaction faster or 2. Use a personalized nonce to resubmit the transaction.

In either scenario, you should use a higher GWEI. For the as a general example we will be using MetaMask. If you use a different wallet, the basic concepts are the same. Update the transaction using the same nonce and a greater GWEI.

An easier method (Speeding up the transaction)

You can see all of your pending transactions in your MetaMask wallet. During the initial transaction, choose “speed up.” After that, increase your GWEI and select “Save.” Your transaction will proceed more quickly if you set the GWEI high enough to be seized by a node. Make sure the gas fee is reasonable for you because GWEI is a multiplier for the gas fee.

The Manual Method (Resubmitting your transaction with a Custom Nonce)

A nonce is a series of transactions sent from an address in a particular order. A transaction is a 641st transaction if its nonce is 641. By submitting the same transaction with a greater GWEI and the same nonce, you can replace a pending transaction. The transaction is basically overwritten by this.

By selecting Customize transaction nonce under:

MetaMask settings > Advanced, users of MetaMask can enable nonce customization.

Resubmit your transaction, modify the nonce so that it coincides with your pending transaction, and increase the GWEI.

A Pending Transaction’s Clearing

For individuals who no longer want the transaction to go through, there is a third option. A pending transaction can be cleared by replacing it with a transaction that has no effect. By doing so, you will be able to cancel the initial transaction and continue with your subsequent ones. To do this, just send yourself a 0 Matic with the same nonce and a greater GWEI using your wallet.

How to Steer Clear of Pending Transactions on QuickSwap and Polygon

You can monitor gas prices to stay away from pending transactions. To view current pricing, visit Current GWEI pricing is also updated on the top tab. Make sure to configure your GWEI in accordance with how you want it to be processed and prioritized.

Our Solution

You can try the following steps:

On MetaMask to start off we’d go to Settings — Advanced — Reset account.

That’ll clear any duplicated transactions and any pending transactions

Search your wallet on Polygon Scan, and find the last processed transaction.

Click on it and “See more”. Check the nonce.

Back to MetaMask, Settings — Advanced — Customize transaction nonce.

Send yourself a 0 Matic transfer with high gas and +1 of the nonce of your last processed transaction — make sure you use more gwei than the original transaction or you’ll get an error.

We hope you will have a better user experience on QuickSwap and throughout the Polygon Network now that you are aware of what a pending transaction on Polygon is, how to push pending transactions through, and how to prevent pending transactions in the first place.

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