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2 min readDec 28, 2022


From some of you that know us from the beginning, you might know that we have started the journey with the idea of Fractional Ownership Projects. Over the year we have managed to bring the company a great and unique business model, with a new idea: Genius Pools.

We have started the year 2022 with great forces. The Pre-Sale was launched at the beginning of the year, with a locking period that is now getting unlocked over the smart contract.

Genius Assets had the first-ever event this year in March, in Dubai, with network winners from the Project. With over 10.000 people registered on the platform, we managed to overcome all the challenges, by having them by our side.

In June 2022, the TGE of IUX took place, live in Istanbul, at the second event of 2022, with more than 50 people attending, the IUX was listed on Quickswap. A short time after the TGE, the X-Staking Era Program (an in-house build program) was launched, and the first Stage was filled with over 2 million IUX.

As a reward for the hard work, in the summer we have been listed on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap, now with over 15 thousand followers.

And because we didn’t stop here, the IUX has been listed on Bitmart, followed by the Farming Program on Quickswap. The year ends with the third Genius Event, this time in Abu Dhabi, where the concept of Genius Pools has been launched, with great opportunities for all the people involved in this great project. Listings are ending in 2022, with the last listing, on P2B.

The X-GeniePool is now available on and waits for you to dive into the new year with daily rewards and other opportunities, that are once in a lifetime.

We hope you had a great journey with us, Genius Assets and we want to see you and other people continue this road beside us, to grow beautiful together.

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