The Money Talk- a step back or forward

Today we are going to approach something that is considered taboo in many cultures- MONEY. We are going to see how you can start a discussion with your loved ones about money, about investments and why shouldn’t be a NO conversation.

No matter how good we in economics are, investing or trading, there will be some people who have different opinions on this topic and that it’s perfectly alright. It is indeed harder when you see your loved ones concerned about it, but therefore we are writing this article. We’ve all been there.

Just a check

If you see that your loved ones are a bit struggling, start conversion by asking if they need help. At first, you can give them an educational speech about how they can manage their accounts and even start investing in some projects. If they cannot do this now, just try to give them some help in monetary value and tell them that you will have another discussion in a short time just so they can understand the process. Even better, you can come with real examples, from your own experience.

Relaxed conversation

We said earlier that you can come back with examples from your own experience. You can also do that, but it can be a more deliberate conversation just by asking something simple as “So, these are my finance, and this is what I have been thinking about doing with it. Have you thought of that too?”. And from here on, you can have a free conversation, with different opinions that will help both of you understand better the concept of investing and maybe you find new ideas for you to use in the future.

Family gathering

If you have a financial adviser or even a friend that is good at this topic, you can always invite him over to your family, if they agree, where all of you can be educated on this part of your lives. Even if it doesn’t concretize into “doing it”, at least you can acknowledge terms and food for your thought. You never know what the future awaits.

Parent- Children Talk

Teaching children financial education should start from an early age. Also, it should always be an age-appropriate talk every time. If they see a toy that looks a little bit expensive from your sight, try explaining to them the monetary value, if they really need that toy when they have another 50 at home or is just a caprice, and give them time to think about it until the end of shopping time while giving them alternatives something like “You can take it now, but you can save the money and use it for something next time, that you really need or want.”

These are some conversations that we all had in our social circles or thought about having and we can say that these are some good steps into financial education. It doesn’t matter the age s long as the discussions take place. Because a kind word leads to another and another, and in these conditions, we are going to spread a new way of thinking among those who wouldn’t even think about it.

So how does this sound? Will you start a conversation like this? Do it now! And even show them your Genius Investments until now and the great project that are coming to you.