Withdraw your IUX Tokens

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3 min readJul 8, 2022


In the following article, we will present all the steps required to withdraw your IUX Tokens from the Genius Assets platform.


  1. Login to your Genius Assets account.

2. On the left side, select “Withdraw Tokens

3. Click on the right side, on “Claim Tokens


A pop-up window will appear, requiring you to CONNECT YOUR WALLET.

  1. Click on “Accept

Another pop-up window will appear, requiring you to select a wallet ( on the desktop version, it allows you to Select “WalletConnect”, but on the mobile version, you can directly connect your Metamask wallet)

  1. Click on “WalletConnect” (a quick tutorial on how to set it up, here)

Now, another pop-up window will open, with a QR CODE.

Use your Metamask app- go to your Metamask account on your phone, and log in.

In the right corner, you will find the QR scanner. Click on it and scan the QR that appears in the Genius Assets Platform (desktop).

Accept to connect your Metamask Wallet; NOW you are connected to Genius.


  1. NOW, back on the platform, click again on “Claim Tokens

2. A pop-up window will appear, regarding the claiming of tokens.

The whole volume of tokens that you have, will be claimed. This means, that you claim all the Tokens volume that you have- tokens that will go straight to the SMART CONTRACT.

3. Click on “Confirm

After you confirm, you will see that 0 Tokens appear on the dashboard.

This doesn’t mean that the tokens are gone, it means that they are “stored” in order to be released depending on your VESTING.

When the Vesting is available, that 10% will automatically go into your Metamask account. (keep in mind, that you need to have IUX Tokens imported in your Metamask; here is the tutorial)

And these are all the steps you need to do, in order to claim your IUX Tokens, from the Genius Assets platform.



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